Terms and conditions

ATENCION: Burningdates.com is an online service which gives the people a place where they can start a future relationship.
In order to register you have to be at least 18th years old as this website is created for adults. We recommend to our users to read this document before they register in order to know all the Terms and Conditions about our website.
This document is an agreement which every user have to accept before they register and it has all the norms applied for every user on the website. If a user is registering and accepts the terms and conditions of Burningdates.com, after they have to respect it for all the time spend on our website. If anyone don’t agree our terms and conditions they don’t have to register or use Burningdates.com.
We reserve all the rights to change this document at any time.
Users have to accept that the simple use or access of the website means full and unconditional acceptance of the changes made. Users who object or do not fully agree with the Terms and Conditions published on the website are obliged to immediately cease using the website.
Website users are advised to read the Terms and Conditions regularly so that they are aware of any possible changes.
Continuing to use the website by members represents the express agreement to be informed and their automatic acceptance of such changes.
1.REGISTER ON Burningdates.com
Before registering on the website, every person has to know that we permit only one account per person. If we discover than a user has many accounts, we reserve the rights to keep only the first account created and ban the following ones.
1.1. Firstly, every user has to accept that is at least 18th years old, then the user has to complete the information about birthday, the username and the e-mail.
1.2. In the second part, the users have to complete with few more information. They have to choose a password, their gender, marital status, country and city. They have to upload a photo, write a short description, hobbies and at least 4 habits which help us to create better matches between members. The photo, descriptions and studies are optional but we recommend to every user to complete it.
1.3. In the last part, the user has to confirm their e-mail.
Every user accepts that by creating an account the other members on the website can see these information and photos about itself.
After the user had completed all the information above, the account is created and it can be accessed.
We reserve the rights to ban the accounts who use false photos, names or any information about another people. Also, if an account intrigue hate or discrimination of any kind it will be banned.
The website reserves the rights to create fake user accounts to promote the services and to check how other users use the website and comply with the Terms and Conditions of Use. These revisions are made randomly without the prior consent of the registered member.
2.1. By creating an account on the website, every user has to accept and agree a conduct and online behavior accepted by the website. The users have to accept the following
2.1.1. Any registered user is responsible for relationships or discussions through the online platform, with other members, and the support team reserves the rights to monitor any conflict between users to maintain proper online conduct.
2.1.2. Will not send spam or obsessively information to other members. All this can suspend the account.
2.1.3. Every member is unique and is directly responsible for the information regardless of how it is registered or sent to other users through the online platform.
2.1.4. Will not send or post on the site to other users, obscene, aggressive, threatening, annoying, harassing, material, or messages that encourage racism, violence or hostility, indecent or violate the law from any point of view.
2.1.5. In the event of providing information, photos or other content in relation to / belonging to another user / persons, the user declares that he has obtained the prior consent of that user / persons to make the information / photos / content public.
2.1.6. It is forbidden to publish content or photos that contain advertisements, the logo of a company, or a photographer, or the use of the copyrighted trademark: © are registered trademarks or infringe copyright, which are or may be interpreted as pornographic, erotic or indecent.
2.1.7. Will use the services of the website in accordance with its Terms and Conditions, and will provide all information related to the user profile.
2.1.8. Does not collect or store information about users of the website in any way without your prior consent.
2.2 The use of the account for advertising in order to sell or buy is forbidden
2.2.1. It is forbidden to ask other members to pay an amount of money, regardless of the pretext of requesting these amounts.
2.2.3. It is forbidden to copy, translate, sell, adapt any material, text or part of this website, whatever the desired purpose.
2.2.4. The use of the account for advertising in order to sell or buy goods or for other purposes related to trade is prohibited.
2.2.5. It is forbidden to introduce on the website or transmit through it, in any way, materials containing viruses, programs or files designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the proper functioning of the website.
2.3 Non-compliance with online conduct
2.3.1. Any voluntary breach by the user of the online conduct may lead to the partial or total suspension of the account registered in Burningdates.com and after this the suspension; members who received this suspension are no longer entitled to use the services provided by the Burningdates.com website. We also reserve the right to cancel any account without notice in the event of non-compliance with the online conduct.
2.3.2. We warn that the site is not monitored, however, where we find or inform us of a case of non-compliance with online conduct, we reserve the right to remove from the site the presentations, photos or information of our choice, without the user may claim damages caused by this action.
2.3.3. Burningdates.com assumes no responsibility with respect to the activity of users and non-compliance with online conduct, no user / other person can claim legal or extrajudicial claims for the site, caused by another user or a third party in case of breach of online conduct or violation of privacy.
2.3.4. Attempts to defraud are NOT noticed by a notification email, but if the user continues to intend to cheat, the account is canceled, regardless of whether the user has a subscription or a package, or any other benefit acquired by the page, with the irrevocable loss of the right of return. These tests are detailed below: Sending / requesting email addresses, phone number, may result in account cancellation. Your account will be suspended if you create multiple accounts with the same email. The continuous harassment of users when contacting them and the multiple sending of friend requests, in a fairly short time. Insults or indecent language and activity within the platform, reported by partner users. Negative promotion of the platform in discussions with its members.
3.1. In accordance with current European legislation regarding the processing of personal data, Burningdates.com is obliged to manage and protect in safe conditions all personal data provided by members registered on the website. The purpose of the collection of this personal data of users is strictly for the services provided by Burningdates.com, as well as the services of exchange, management and advertising by the company that owns the website, affiliates or third parties. The members by accepting the Terms and Conditions of use of Burningdates.com agree and have been informed about the compliance and compliance by the operator of all obligations in relation to the transfer of personal data to any other entity.  Users agree that their personal data may be used by the company that owns the website and any other affiliated site / company, the data may be exchanged between the two affiliated companies or websites without prior or subsequent notice from the user. In the event that the provision of data by websites or affiliated companies or third parties, the website will ensure that these meet the conditions of protection of personal data.
3.2. In accordance with current European legislation, the user has the following rights:
3.2.1. The right to access the data without restrictions, with a reasonable frequency and without delays or excessive costs, has the right to receive: confirmation that your data is or is not processed; information on the purpose of the processing, the categories of data in question and the recipients / categories of recipients to whom the data are communicated; the intelligible communication of the data subject to processing and other information on the source of the data;
3.2.2. the right to change data: to rectify, delete, block data that does not comply with EU directives on its transmission, in particular due to the incomplete or inaccurate nature of this data.
3.2.3. the notification of third parties to whom they have communicated the data, on any rectification, deletion or blocking carried out in accordance with the previous paragraph, if it is not impossible or involves an additional effort;
3.2.4. the right to oppose at any time, for well-founded and legitimate reasons specific to their particular situation, the processing of such data;
3.2.5. the right to object to the request and free of charge to the processing of personal data concerning the website in order to explore or be informed before communicating personal data for the first time to third parties for these purposes and expressly offer you the right to oppose, free of charge, this type of communication or use.
3.3. Right to manage published content.
3.3.1. The content published on the website by a connected or registered user is the property of the site, therefore, the connected user automatically grants the license to use the content, including editing, publishing, photocopying, modification or adjustment depending on the translation.  By posting content on the website, you agree to waive any moral rights in relation to the content, but if the content posted by the user is an infringement of intellectual property rights or constitutes an infringement or breach of any other law, we reserve the right to disclose the user's identity to third parties.
3.3.2. The user is solely responsible for the illegal, discredited content provided by the website, as well as for obtaining the prior agreement of third parties on the publication of the images and their content. Any other type of content that is published by the user registered on the SITE, is strictly prohibited for use by other members.
3.4. Registration data provided by members.
3.4.1. By completing the multi-step registration form, providing profile information, the member agrees to provide this information to the website, they will be stored in safe conditions.
4.1 After registering the active user on the website will benefit free of a charge from the Basic Package which includes the following facilities:
4.1.1. 3 photos can be uploaded by the user;
4.1.2. 1 photo album;
4.1.3. Show the likes and views which the profile has;
4.2 Any member of the SITE has the right to choose one of the packages available for online purchase and pay for the facilities provided by this type of subscription. Packages can be purchased for a detailed cost price below:
4.2.1. Bronze Package: 1 month – 10 photos can be uploaded by the user, live chat, unlimited messages, send gifts, send likes, show the likes and views which the profile has. 
4.2.2. Gold Package: 6 months- 20 photos can be uploaded by the user, live chat, unlimited messages, send gifts, send likes, send comments, show the likes, views which the profile has and private albums.
4.2.3. Diamond Package: 12 months – All services included.
In order to use the videocall option, the users has to have the same package.
4.3. Rates are clearly indicated on the site in euros. Burningdates.com reserves the right to change the amount of the subscription and the rate at any time and without prior notice.
4.4. After purchasing a package, its validity period begins immediately, after payment confirmation and registration.
4.5 ATTENTION: If there are doubts / complaints about the transactions made by a user, your account is blocked until the situation created is clarified.
4.6 When sending an order, the user declares under his own responsibility and offers the guarantee that he is over 18 years old and is a resident of the country where he requests the order and the payment of Burningdates.com season tickets.
4.7. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the user agrees to make payments automatically, by taking directly from the card account or registering on the mobile phone bill and declare that the payment is made in your name and is entitled to use the payment method in question.
4.8. In case of payments made by card, the user declares that he is over 18 years old and is the holder of the card rights. The site is not responsible for claims related to the misuse or misuse by other people, in addition to the owner of the means of payment, for the consumption of payment resources of users and cannot return the funds from the user's account, in case of a wrong purchase.
4.9. Unsubscribe:
The refund of payments made for the subscriptions provided by Burningdates.com is made within the legal limits and in accordance with current legislation.
4.9.1. The services made available by this platform are categorized as digital content, in accordance with the European Commission Directive 2011/83 / EU - http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri = CELEX: 32011L0083 - clearly states that any customer has the right to unsubscribe or request a refund within 14 days of payment, unless the supply is digital content and for which there is an exception to the directive, which is can be found in Article 16 point (m). The customer still has the rights to unsubscribe and request a refund within 14 days after payment, which will be resolved by site staff within no more than 14 days of receipt of the request, only if the customer does not use none of the functions for which the payment is made. If the customer clearly expresses their consent to use the features they pay for within 14 days after payment, then agrees to waive their rights in accordance with the directive, they will still be eligible to unsubscribe and refund (if the request is validated.
4.9.2. There will be no refund if there are suspicions about the origin of the funds and if the user is guilty of transgressing the online conduct or the established terms and conditions.
 4.9.3. In the case of an upgrade the last package is canceled, and the platform does not offer and cannot handle the payment of the differences between two packages
4.9.4. In order for a refund the user has to send a message to the support team and in maximum 14 days they will receive an e-mail if they are eligible or not to receive the money back.
5.1 Your subscription will be automatically canceled within 30 days of the first request.
5.2. The account deletion procedure can only be done by the authenticated member, and is an automatic process. It cannot be done by a staff.
5.3. In order to delete an account, the user has to send a message to the support team, contact@burningdates.com
6.1. Burningdates.com is not responsible for false statements and is not responsible for any fraud due to the user. Therefore, the user registered in Burningdates.com is solely responsible for the following:
6.1.1. Damage caused by the disclosure of authentication data made through the fault of the user.
6.1.2. The insecure payment of a computer with a computer virus: spyware, keyloggers or other categories of computer viruses.
6.1.3. The use of payments by a third party.
6.1.4. Burningdates.com is not responsible for any fraud caused by the fault of the user.
6.1.5. The site warns the user about the risks to their privacy and that of others, under the information uploaded by the website.
6.1.6. Accepting Terms of Use is a legal opinion for the company that owns the Burningdates.com site to: LPS Date Company, Locotenent Stoicescu Street, No. 6, Iasi, Romania, registration number: 42183272.

7.1. The user has the right to notify any abuse of conduct and online activity by Burningdates.com. You can notify a member or members of the site about content and activity through the address contact@burningdates.com.
7.2. The notification email must contain all the additional information you deem appropriate to detail the abuse or complaint.
7.3. In the event that the user is guilty of breach of the online conduct or violation of privacy or copyright, literary property, or simply the use of the website, Burningdates.com assumes no responsibility and cannot be held responsible next to the user. However, if after the user's activity the Burningdates.com will be subject to a procedure, extrajudicial / judicial actions, will pay the costs and pay compensation, the team will recover all this by the user.
7.4. The Burningdates.com team can answer any question within a maximum of 30 days.
8.1. The registered user of Burningdates.com accepts and must respect the property rights and privacy of other members on the site. In accordance with the terms and conditions related to the right of administration, Burningdates.com does not claim any property rights over the content published or transmitted through the online platform, therefore, the registered user is solely responsible for copying, distribute, transmit content or images.
8.2. The registered user is solely responsible for damages caused to third parties by non-compliance with literary and copyright rights.
8.3. However, the content of the website is provided for your personal use and may be used for copying, reproduction, distribution, transmission, display, sale, licensed for other purposes.
8.4. Burningdates.com owns the site, the logos, the support, the functionality and the initial materials located on the site. Photocopying, translation or use for any purpose without the consent of the owner shall be sanctioned by applicable law and this Agreement.
8.5. By accepting the Terms and Conditions you agree not to use, copy or distribute the published material to third parties, for commercial use.
8.6. By transmitting such materials, including photos, the user agrees to grant permission to the site administrator free of charge to use the materials including copying, distributing, transmitting, and publishing them in any media format and through any communication channel. ; you are granted the right to reproduce, modify and translate, mention the name of the user in relation to the material sent and the right to assign in turn, free or for payment, and all these rights by any user of the affiliate site or company who manages the website.
8.7. The user cannot and does not claim any compensation for the use of the material in the manner mentioned above, and the site administrator will not be responsible for paying any compensation to the user or third parties who claim their rights over the published material.
9.1. The member must have the capacity, hardware and software necessary to use the services provided by Burningdates.com. We do not guarantee that the services and features of the site will work under normal conditions, if the user activates programs that block pop-s, add-os, some antivirus or if the internet service does not work under normal conditions.
9.2. Burningdates.com does not guarantee the security of the information on the part of the client, the users who access the site through web browsers or respectively on the security or operation problems that may arise due to the use of the browser or by the server where they are stored. the data.
9.3. We do not guarantee that Burningdates.com has full functional services, as the operation may be affected if your ISP is not able to provide you with an adequate Internet service, and also due to the hosting server not guaranteeing full operation.
9.4. We do not guarantee the quality, correctness, operation, availability or performance of the website. In this sense, we are not responsible for incomplete use or malfunction. In particular, the use of the website may be interrupted at any time by maintenance services, updates, technical improvements and whenever possible we provide information to users about these works.
9.5. For the best operation of the site, Burningdates.com advises all Apple users to use Chrome or Firefox, at the moment we cannot guarantee the full functionality of the features provided by the site.
9.6. The features or services offered by the website may be influenced by the use of incorrect network settings (protected by a firewall or proxy). In these circumstances, the connection to the site cannot be achieved or even stopped by the server in the case of this user.
9.7. The services and features of the website are shown as such, and are not warranted by the following:
9.7.1. possible interruptions or several losses of connection to the server.
9.7.2. user security as a customer.
9.7.3. complaints related to the design of the website or some features of the services.
9.8. The website has the right to change, cancel, modify the services provided without prior notice or acceptance of the user, and responsible for any damage caused.
10.1 Any complaints or possible complaints about the services provided by the website will be sent in more detail to the following address:  contact@burningdates.com
11.1. On 28/06/2020, the last modification was made to the Terms and Conditions that govern this online site and to the user members registered on the online platform.